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The Project...

As a creative copywriter, I generate unique advertising concepts that capture your target market and set your products and services apart.


In this spec advertisement, I paint a picture of fictional bookstore 'Novello' as a refuge from the chaos of daily life. The store, like reading, offers a brief, tranquil escape from reality — a place to relax, explore and lose yourself on a book. The ad doesn’t just sell books.  It sells an experience that appeals directly to Novello’s target audience. 




It is so much more.

At Novello Books, we understand that in today’s fast-paced world, you rarely get chance to switch off. We also know that when it comes to reading, nothing beats leafing through the pages of a new book. That is why we make sure our bookstores are places you can relax, browse and explore — at your own pace. 

Still the UK’s leading specialist book retailer, we stock over 25,000 books across a range of genres and subjects. From bestselling classics to local interests, health and lifestyle or children’s literature - our stores guarantee something for everyone. 

Our knowledgeable staff have a combined experience of 26,045 years in bookselling. And if you need a nod in the right direction, they are ready to help. After all, books are what they know and love.

You can also enjoy locally sourced produce at our cafe stores, now opening across the UK. Nothing goes hand in hand with a book quite like fresh brewed coffee and a carrot cake. Trust us, we’re experts.


So come inside. Escape with us….


And take your time.

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